About Us.

eNDVR Sustainability Council is a nonprofit organization that supports eNDVR Experiential Learning Space and Aspire Democratic High School. These educational centers empower K-12 students to take responsibility for their own education and offers opportunities for engagement in community service projects.

Community Events

eSC hosts several events throughout the year that benefits those in our community as well as students and families. Click on the events tab above for more information on events and ways you can participate.

Who We Are

eSC is a nonprofit that works behind the scenes at eNDVR and Aspire to help our kids and families become more involved with the community and helps to provide educational assistance to students and families.


If you are interested in getting involved or find out ways in which you can give to the eNDVR and Aspire communities please consider clicking the donate button below or contacting us.

Give and Grow

Your support provides the resources for students and families in our community to grow and succeed!