Help Us Reach Our Goals

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Each year, eNDVR Sustainability Council creates goals dedicated to educational support for students in our community. By helping us meet our goals you help provide the tools and resources to make each student successful !

Help us reach our goals.

The eNDVR Sustainability Council strives to bring academic experiences through classes, workshops and educational field trips to as many students as possible, regardless of age, ability or income.

Funds raised through donations and community events help offset the cost of these opportunities and community projects that our students participate in.

We believe in making education available to all kids. We support a learning environment that promotes individualized learning experiences and offers students the flexibility to learn based on interest.



Welcome to Threads!  Threads is a unique apparel shop ran by eNDVR and Aspire entrepreneur and business students. Students are given the opportunity to learn design, marketing, budgeting, project planning and other valuable skills related to running a business within a non-profit structure. All proceeds from the Threads Apparel Shop are used towards educational needs for all students within the Aspire community.